Instant Plaster Bond | New Design Wall Plaster | sakarni

Instant Plaster Bond | New Design Wall Plaster | sakarni

Moving From caves to mud to brick to concrete: walls are constantly in a state of evolution. From the very start, the main concern was to keep the wall intact and strong so that it could endure all the seasons that mother nature had to offer. Yet, there was more that was longed for: the aesthetic aspect. Man has always taken pride in his possessions, and the wall is definitely a prized one. He wants the walls to reflect his social stature.

When he receives his guests, he wants them to be in constant awe. The walls complete and complement a man’s vanity. To achieve this feat, the technique of plastering came into being. It smoothens the walls and thus protects them and makes them strong and sturdy. It also provides the walls with an artistic sense.

With modern construction methods came new challenges as the plaster does not bond well with all the surfaces and it ends up with debonding, cracking, flaking, peeling, and other complications. Pride becomes a shame. Sakarni, a brand that has made a big name in the plaster of Paris industry and has become a trusted brand in the putty market, all because of its A-class products, saw through this drawback and started working towards its solution.

The competent research and development team at Sakarni after a lot of evaluation and study came up with the ultimate remedy: the Sakarni plaster bond. It is a magic mix solution that has styrene acrylic emulsion containing quartz. With this revolutionary hallmark, the Sakarni plaster bond, in no time, has become an essential part of the whole plastering process and the plastering industry.

Sakarni plaster bond works on the science of dual bonding: both mechanical and chemical bonding between the substrate and the plaster. It strengthens the binding and prevents the major issues that are faced. It even eliminates the hacking process that is time-consuming and requires a lot of labor.

Problems such as flaking, debonding, cracking, and peeling are eliminated by the use of the Sakarni plaster bond. It prevents water from entering and saves the wall from moisture-related problems. What’s more, the Sakarni plaster bond is perfect for all types of plaster, be it gypsum, lime, or cement. It adds life to the plaster.

With all the aforementioned merits, there is yet another that cannot be left out, and that is its application. A single coat is what it takes to get the desired effect. It can be used on beams, columns, stone, wood, AAC (Autoclaved aerated concrete); just a coat with a brush is all it takes to create a surface ready to be plastered and beautified, a surface that will stay the same for a long time to come and become a reason of envy for your neighbors.

Sakarni plaster bond has become a popular name for builders and masons alike. Their constant admiration has made it clear that the product from the house of Sakarni has won the hearts and also achieved the objective of building a healthy and exquisite house both from the outside and from within.

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