How to use wall putty to make walls alive and beautiful?

How to use wall putty to make walls alive and beautiful?

When we are renovating or building our new house we dreamt of making it splendid and flawless, but to accomplish this there are a lot of things that must be considered and a good wall putty is one of them. Wall putty is a material that ensures protection from leakage and flaking of your wall while maintaining beauty for a longer time. It also increases the life of paint applied on the surface and also provides strength to the wall.

Application of any product plays a very vital role and using it in the right way is necessary for achieving desired results.

Using Wall Putty

These are a few things kept in mind while using wall putty.

  • Choosing the right wall putty depends upon the weather it is used for the interior or exterior. Acrylic water-based putty is mostly used and specialized for the interior area and White cement-based putty is ideal for both exterior and interior this putty provides the wall a smooth and glossy finish for a longer time.
  • Always remember to wear a mask and goggles while removing loose dust particles from the walls.
  • Before applying wall putty on the wall, make sure the surface must be clean from stains and dust, you can use an oil scraper to remove oil from the wall.
  • Check if some small holes and cracks are present, so it needs to be filled in with wall putty.
  • For leveling the uneven surface, use good quality and suitable tools.
  • While making a smooth paste or mixture of wall putty make sure water is gradually and slowly added and moves in a clockwise direction with a mechanical stirrer.
  • Remember to cover the paste of the wall putty with a cloth to save it from drying.
  • Wall putty dries up quickly, so make the paste accordingly so that it can be used within 2-3 hours.
  • Always apply wall putty using a firm brush and putty Knife.
  • You need to opt or hire a trained skilled person for this job.
  • After the application of the wall, putty uses good quality sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the wall…

Sakarni wall putty will give your walls a phenomenal look and make them alive for a longer lifespan.  Sakarni wall putty range provides the ultimate glossy finish to your lovely house. Wall guard wall putty not only strengthens your home but also brings happiness in the form of astonishing beauty.

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