What is Universal Stainer?

Universal Stainer is a non-toxic, water-soluble colorant with high tint strength. The active pigments create vibrant colors and give illustrious and everlasting shine to the walls. Universal Stainer is usually added in air drying emulsions, fat oils, matt/luster/glass enamels, distemper, and lime wash to impart your favorite colors.

Sakarni has a wide range of color shades of universal stainer and is easy to use. Less dosage of Sakarni Universal Stainer gives more color, high coverage area, and adds beauty to the dull walls. You can create wall textures, and wall designs or play with multiple colors to decorate each corner of your home and bring it alive. As per the mood, you can combine 3-4 colors and create your own colorful space with the use of a brush or rollers. It’s easy to paint walls using Sakarni Universal Stainer.

Chemical Composition of Universal Stainer

Universal Stainer is non-ionic and can be used in any medium. Also, it does not contain any lead, mercury, or arsenic and is free from APEO and formaldehyde.

Sakarni Universal Stainer has microfine particle size with great UV stability, and high miscibility and the particles do not precipitate when kept for longer durations. It has fast dispersing properties making it excellent for blending and mixing.

Benefits of Universal Stainer

  • Water-based emulsion paint
  • Latex Paint
  • Water-based Primers
  • Alkyl Enamels
  • Oil Based Primers

Application Process

  • Add a small quantity of universal stainer to the white base
  • Should be added before thinning the base or white paint
  • Stir vigorously to mix the universal stainer completely in the paint
  • It is advisable not to use more than 5% of Sakarni Universal Stainer to a given volume of paint

Surface Preparation

  • Properly clean the surface to make it free from dust, oil & other impurities
  • Pre-wet the surface area
  • Apply the color using a clean brush or roller

Sakarni Universal Stainer gives you a wide variety of color shades which makes your home space premium and beautiful.

Happy Coloring!

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