White cement which is also treated as a subsidiary of grey cement is one of the most essential elements for construction. The only distinguishing characteristic it has is the component of “Colour” – the colour comes from the raw materials and the manufacturing process. The other distinguishing factor is the price range, the best white cement brands will always be a little on the expensive end.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to the usage of white cement in India. At the end of it, the white cement adds an extra element and architectural value to the construction. There are undoubtedly multiple benefits, giving you complete satisfaction over the money you spent.


It is an ideal long-term investment for your home, office, or construction project.

Here’s a quick guide on where White Cement or white cement textures can be used:


Crack-resistant white cement helps in making astounding constructions that aesthetically enhance the architectural value of the structure. White cement mixed with colour pigments can give you different colour combinations while retaining the strength of the structure. It is used in decor for false ceilings, decorative pillar structures, white cement grills, etc.


Exclusive designer floorings can be created with help of superior quality white cement. Just mix some white cement, marble powder, marble chips/aggregates, and color Pigments in the prescribed ratio. It is important that this task is performed by a highly skilled and experienced mason for perfect results.


White cement is also used for filling the gaps in ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, and marble flooring. ISI-certified white cement can be used for laying tiles in large buildings and other construction projects which are oriented towards achieving enhanced aesthetics.


Durable and crack-resistant white cement is used as sealants to fill in the gaps after installing ceramic bathroom fixtures. The key advantage of using white cement is that it provides a neutral tinting base and consistent colour results for any architectural construction. Every colour option is possible with a white cement mixture, from pure whites to bright and pastel colours.

However, the final colour and look of concrete and elements are affected by many factors like:

  • Whiteness of cement
  • Colour of supplementary cementitious materials
  • Colour and dosage of pigment
  • Colour, gradation, and cleanliness of fine and coarse aggregates
  • Type and dosage of mixtures

TIP: Always remember that cement of the same type and brand should be used throughout the entire job to minimize color variation.

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