Plaster bond application and uses

Plaster bond application and uses

The unique mix of styrene acrylic emulsion and pure acrylic emulsion with quartz aggregate produces a light-textured, strong, weather-resistant, and flexible surface that is suitable for plaster application. Sakarni Instant Plaster Bond has a very high water vapour permeability. It works well as a chloride barrier. The plaster is protected against debonding by its high water resistance and low water swelling. It extends the life of the plaster while also saving time on the job. It creates a strong chemical and mechanical link between the plaster and the substrate, minimizing the need for surface preparation and improving the bond between the two.

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Uses Of Plaster Bond

For use as a bonding agent with cement sand plaster on RCC surfaces.

As a bonding agent for cement sand plaster on surfaces such as old plaster, blockwork, and brickwork.

Plastering Application – Old to New Plaster as an exterior bonding agent.

Features and Benefits: –

Benefits: Forms a strong connection with both gypsum and sand cement plaster.

The surface is protected against debonding or bulging by the strong bond formation.

Hacking is 10 times quicker than application.

Applying a single coat with a brush is simple.

Because of the green colour, it is easy to supervise.

Excellent adherence to a wide range of building substrates.

Bonding in two places (mechanical as well as chemical grip).

The brush or roller application is ready.

Any low-suction surface (concrete surfaces such as RCC columns, beams, slabs, and shear walls) can be used.

Method of Application:-

Surface preparation is essential for successful adhesion and bonding of Sakarni Instant Plaster Bond

To begin, remove any laitance, loose dust particles, oil, grease, or other filth from the surface.

Stir frequently until all of the solid ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout the Sakarni Instant Plaster Bond solution and a slurry of uniform consistency is obtained.

Application Procedure:

To use, open the package and whisk the ingredients within.

Apply Sakarni Plaster Bond to the appropriate surface using a paintbrush dipped in the contents.

After applying the plaster bond, allow the surface to cure for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the surface will be ready for plastering.

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