Sakarni has always believed in creating futuristic products and hence has focused on research and development with the main aim of providing modern products to the market and consumers which are most economic and effective.

Some revolutionary products introduced by Sakarni are listed below :

  1. Sakarni Plaster Bond
  2. Sakarni Water Repellent Putty
  3. Sakarni Vermiculite Based Gypsum Plaster (N1 plaster)
  4. Sakarni Sand Cement Ready Mix Plaster
  5. Sakarni Putty Colorant



This is a product that will surely disrupt the market and come out a winner in all sense. Sakarni plaster bond supports the modern techniques of construction and is considered a state-of-the-art product.

In today’s construction techniques the focus is on rapid and stable construction, one such technique being used is mivan shuttering. Mivan shuttering has almost no brickworks in it and all walls are majorly made up of concrete giving the structure higher strength and stability. The problem arises in finishing such structures where an extra process has to be undertaken for beautification, protection, and plastering purposes.

Generally, manual methods like hacking are applied in such cases which is time-consuming, labour intensive, expensive, and in some cases, it can damage the structure as well.

Sakarni plaster bond eliminates the need for such extra processes and helps to create a dual bonding (mechanical & chemical) between the surface of the wall and the plaster is applied. This in turn helps the finishing of plaster much easier and also creates a tight-knit and solid bond between the surface and the plaster so that they stay together for a longer period of time.

Sakarni plaster bond is considered to be a versatile and modern solution to all plastering problems as it helps to cover more surface area with a lesser quantity of plaster in a much lesser time and also saves labour and material cost. It is highly effective on all kinds of surfaces including the latest construction materials like fly ash brick, wood, stones, etc.  

Sakarni is continuously working towards further improving its products and will keep launching advanced and better versions of plaster bond as this product is sure to be used widely in the near future.


Gold touch putty

One of the major issues faced after finishing a surface with wall putty is that the putty surface is damaged by water and moisture mainly in the case of exterior surfaces which speeds up the deterioration process, increases cracks, and loosens the bond between the surface and the protective putty layer.

Sakarni has found a one-stop solution to this extraordinary problem by introducing Sakarni water repellent putty. Sakarni water repellent putty contains special additives which make it hydrophobic in nature and it repels water and moisture away from the surface.

This remarkable product can be applied indoors as well as outdoors as it is customized to go through the wear and tear of the outside weather and still stay strong. Generally, it is preferred to be applied on outdoor surfaces as the outer surface is highly exposed to weather changes, water, moisture, and rains. This exceptional putty will not allow the plaster to absorb water and moisture in the air and also repel any water (like rainwater) touching its surface once it is dry.

Sakarni water repellent putty helps to provide a longer life to your home, is user-friendly, and super easy to apply just like normal wall putty. It can also be used in coastal areas and other places with similar high moisture content. Sakarni water repellent putty is also specially designed to exhibit higher strength, greater bonding, and easier colour absorption for better output.


Gypsum plaster N1

 Sakarni vermiculite gypsum plaster is one of our top selling products and indeed a very useful one. The raw materials of Sakarni gypsum vermiculite-based plaster constitute high-quality vermiculite, additives, and plaster of Paris inaccurate quantities mixed precisely to provide the end consumer an impeccable plaster to protect and beautify their homes.

The most renowned benefit of this plaster is that it is a quick healing and quick curing plaster which sets firm and binds with the surface within just an hour of application. A single coat of Sakarni gypsum vermiculite-based plaster is sufficient to keep the walls protected and beautiful. The quick setting property of this plaster helps to accelerate the speed of construction, saves material cost because of single-layer application, and saves labour and time as no water curing is required in Sakarni vermiculite gypsum plaster.

A few of the marvelous properties that this plaster displays are its thermal resistance, fire resistance, and acoustic properties. It keeps the room temperature maintained and limits the effect of outside weather and temperature on the inside. This plaster also protects the structure from fire and displays extraordinary acoustic properties. Another advantage of Sakarni gypsum vermiculite plaster is that it is a lightweight plaster that helps in reducing the dead weight of the structure compared to conventional plaster.



Sakarni cement-based ready mix plaster is an alternative to the most commonly used plaster i.e. the sand cement plaster. Sakarni cement-based ready mix plaster is a mix of the highest quality cement, carefully selected sand, and superior grade additives which provide properties like accurate water retention, lesser curing period, higher bonding and strength, etc.

In the recent measures taken by the government, the use of river sand has been banned. Sakarni has come up with an intelligent and efficient alternative to this basic raw material by using factory-made sand which is being prepared with help of new-age machinery. The use of factory-made sand has helped to eliminate almost all the impurities (organic & inorganic) present in the sand which used to weaken the plaster.

A huge problem that Sakarni cement-based ready mix plaster solves is that it eradicates the hassle and inherent errors of the on-site mixing process of sand, cement, and water while application of sand cement plaster. The sand cement plaster when created on-site has no proper scale of mixing the raw materials (sand cement and water) which gives the surface an uneven and improper plastering along with many more technical issues while Sakarni ready mix cement plaster is mixed in the exact required quantities and also added with additives to give the customer a unique and perfectly ready to use plaster.

When using, you can just add water (as per prescribed doses) to the ready mix plaster and apply it to the surface to achieve a perfect plaster with enhanced homogeneous plastering properties.

Sakarni ready mix cement plaster ensures complaint-free plastering on the walls with other benefits like time-saving, cost-saving, and labor-saving due to the elimination of the tedious and labour intensive process of on-site mixing. It also ensures a greater coverage area because the homogeneous mixture is easily achieved saving material costs as well.



Sakarni Putty colorant is adding life and colors to many homes by turning your walls into masterpieces one at a time. Sakarni putty colorant focuses on adding colours to the fundamental white colour of wall putty.

Sakarni putty colorant can be added and mixed with the wall putty prior to its application on the surface in different quantities to achieve the desired color on the surface. It can provide directly finished surface where no paint is required to be applied or you can finish the paintwork by just a single layer of application of paint over the putty.

The output is the quicker finishing time, minimal labor, cost-saving, and an ethereal finish to the surface of the walls. These futuristic products are the result of continuous efforts, progressive mindset, and the will to satisfy modern construction needs. As a brand, we firmly believe in providing the most effective and economical product to the market and to the consumers at all times.

Our tremendous focus on R&D and our ability to understand the changing needs of the construction industry has always kept us ahead in the curve. Sakarni will keep on introducing more such innovative and advanced products which are sure to revolutionize the construction industry. Maybe, these are the few reasons why Sakarni is known as the master of plasters amongst the consumers.

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