Sakarni Wall Putty – Creating ‘BONDS’ with your wall

Sakarni Wall Putty – Creating ‘BONDS’ with your wall

The world is full of natural beauty with dazzling landscapes. Man has made it look even more fascinating with stunning architecture. And while it’s always a mesmerizing experience to visit such places, nothing
can ever beat the comfort of your own house. A well-decorated house with smooth beautiful walls not only offers a soothing experience to the owner but also asserts his/her outlook on the community.

In today’s world, society and community measure and evaluate our character, assertiveness, and taste, by the way, our houses, offices, and other business hubs look. As they say, what meets the eye first,
beyond furniture and furnishings are walls, floor, and ceiling.

But often these walls get dampened due to rain, leakage in pipes among various other reasons. This is where Sakarni Wall Putty comes into the picture. A White Cement and polymer-based product,
Sakarni wall putty has a lot of components which makes it worth the while. Although the use of Sakarni wall putty is many, it is most commonly applied before the final paint to increase the life span of the paint, prevent dampening, and give the wall a smooth look. Used for filling dents, hair cracks, leveling surface imperfections due to plaster, prevent dampness and efflorescence, it is an ideal and suitable product that can be applied to interior and exterior wall finishing.

The putty is ideally mixed with water to form a paste-like constituent that makes it easy to apply and gives a soothing effect. It is to be kept in mind that the surface on which the putty is applied should be
wet meticulously, a process often referred to as Pre-Wetting. This will ensure that your wall has a higher bonding strength and covers a bigger surface area.

Once the pre-wetting process is complete, the first coat of Sakarni Wally Putty is systematically applied in a uniform manner using a putty blade to ensure maximum usage and a smooth and polished finish. Once the first layer dries up, a sponge or an emery paper can be used to eliminate the slack and hanging

As soon as the first layer dry’s off and is good to go, apply a second layer following the same process and rub the loose shackles using a moist sponge and emery papers. Preferably, the wall should then be left for 8-10 hours before the paint is applied.

Sakarni wall putty is a product that not only guarantees long-lasting smooth walls, it also helps your home rightly and truly stand out. It’s a hidden gem inside walls that maintain the outer beauty of the
walls while keeping the inner bonds strong.

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