Spectacular Shades of Universal Stainer Paint

Spectacular Shades of Universal Stainer Paint

Add a zing to your walls with our charismatic Sakarni Universal Stainer Paints!

Our Endeavor: To develop a fresh base dispersant with an affinity for a vast range of pigment surfaces and compatibility with both water-borne and solvent-borne paints. The strainer paint gels with the enamel as right as rain. The happiness quotient added to the walls enhances the environment manifolds. You will see everything getting brighter and rosier in your routine work.

Being true to its name Sakarni Stainer will add sweetness and freshness to your interior and exterior décor.

Neighbor’s Envy Shopkeeper’s Pride!

The Sakarni Universal Stainer is one of the pioneers to bring ultraviolet pigment to India. It is fast to catch tone as it quickly blends with ease with enamel, distemper, plastic, acrylic paints; oil-based paints as well as water-based paints. The wide spectrum of vibrant colours is readily available throughout the year. The colours are reliable because their pigment is non-fading. The tint remains uniform on the entire surface without any blotting. The stress-free service yielded by our best universal stainer makes it popular amongst shopkeepers as well as users.

Healing Energy of Colours

This is the result of stringent quality control drills followed at every level. The strainer is Free from the Flaws of flooding, flocculation, and crating. It imbibes the healing effects of colour therapy into our lives.  Visitors and inhabitants feel rejuvenated and energized every time they look at the colours on the walls. Our stainer promises smooth and even textures that are soothing to everyone’s eyes. The invigorating impact of finished walls is so inviting that people would love to visit your place. An attractive range of colours impacts positively on the emotions of people.

Universal stainer colour
Sakarni Universal Stainer

Stain Your Space in Your Style

The Sakarni Universal Stainer is a perfect match for decorative paints that not only add substance to your wall but also make it look a class apart. Exceptional long-term viscosity stability over a wide temperature range makes our stainer suitable for exterior décor. This enables our customers to experiment and explore options in wall paint designs.

These finishes are classy, and trendy and can make you feel like you are in a different world altogether. The variegated textures of wall paint are a stress buster. Colour Reproducibility gives the customer the liberty of coloring their zones and spaces with enough time in hand.

Our stainer paint provides everlasting protection from sunlight, rain & abrasion keeping your walkways & driveways looking beautiful with a glossy film.

Caress the Ceiling

The wall textures play an imperative role to elevate your mood and enlighten your mind. Bright and sunny stainer not only acts as appealing paint but also glorifies the look of a room. Colours can vocalize the gestures of the people inhabiting the place.

The ceiling is another important dimension of any room. The covering of the surface of the ceiling with the finesse of Sakarni Stainer Paints makes the entire look of the place complete and absolute.

Universal Stainer Brand in India

Experience and Expertise

Our Stainer Paint offers virtually unlimited color matching compatibility in most low VOC & conventional water-based & solvent-based coatings. Also, not all universal colorants can sustain the shock in polarity when the water-based colorants are added to solvent-based base paints. This is possible only with excellent leveling & dispersing properties.

The colour accuracy of Sakarni Universal Stainer will turn your refurbishing experience into a lifetime investment. We will make the process convenient and memorable for you to cherish. The non-toxic stainer will weather any storm that comes it’s way.

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