Renovate and Construct with One Coat Plaster Bonding

Wondering which plaster to use to fill wall chases, cracks and holes!

We believe in making a bond forever: Sakarni offers the best plaster bond that adds value to your money! An excellent bonding agent for concrete and other surfaces.

Mastering the Art of Plastering

Sakarni Plaster Bond  pumps life into the plasters. The quality of the plaster bond is worth its weight in gold.Sakarni’s gypsum finish plaster bond is exclusively contrived for improved resistance to any kind of damage. The enhanced resistance empowers our customers to reduce long-term costs.Our plaster bond assures remarkably longer maintenance intervals.

Sakarni plaster bond merges well with the Gypsum Plaster as well as cementplaster.It is less vulnerable to aging shrinkage cracks. It is equally befitting for low suction surfaces like RCC, glass, shear walls, wood, stone etc. Our plaster bond ensures to deliver seemless finish on your walls.

Benefits Beyond  Expectations

Sakarni Plaster Bond is specially developed as a ready to use adhesive. Itpromises unvaryingbonding eliminating the need for hacking. Hacking is labor-intensive that costs time and efficiency.

Sakarni Plaster is the right choice for plastering on a direct RCC surface. Our high coverage plaster bond can be used immediately asnothing needs to be added at the site. The product enhances the pull-out strength manifolds against the conventional hacking process.

Sakarni Plaster Bond clings well with all enamels and strainers.The solution of the plaster spreads evenly giving it a burnished royal look.The walls compel the visitors to take a second glance as our plaster gives the smoothness of butter to your walls.

Build High and Resistant Walls

The green colourof the Plaster Bond makes it easy to identify the covered area during application. The Plaster Bond is not only a ready-to-apply liquid chemical but also contains coarse aggregates that give the mechanical key and chemical bonding to plaster. This distinct feature of Sakarni Plaster Bondputs an end to the risk of de-bonding and grinning.

Sakarni Plaster Bond is known for its timeless appeal and durable nature. Our Plaster Bond is also gaining popularity due to the increased satisfaction levels of its users.The finished wall gives a fresh and luxurious look that would grab everyone’s attention.

Plaster of Bond

Guided Solutions for New trends

Sakarni Plaster Bond has developed as one of the most widely used building products in market.Our research and development technicians bring out the most innovative solutions to meet the market demand.

Sakarni’s technocrats constantly work towards molding the product as per customer suggestions and specifications. The quality-tested material will be your ultimate choice to apply a single coat roller/brush. Sakarni Plaster Bond is dependable as a comprehensive solution for any surface. It provides excellent performance to bond the gypsum- based plaster on RCC background.

Sakrani Plaster is a trusted brand for plastering thealuminum formwork system. Our plaster bond is ideal for construction of high-rise buildings. Contractors recommend our brand as it involves no tackiness, easy supervision and quick application.Sakarni Plaster Bond Covers pasting for a wide range of substrates.Itsaccurate composition enables easy formation of screeds. The screeds serve as gauges for conserving an even thickness of plaster being applied.

The extraordinary bonding performance of Sakarni Plaster Bond has paved its way towards becoming a leading brand in the construction industry. Being user-friendly and safe it is favored by one and all.

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    I need 20 litre sakarni plaster bond at purnea bihar

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