Top 10 two-colour combinations to look out for this Diwali Festive Season in 2022

Top 10 two-colour combinations to look out for this Diwali Festive Season in 2022

With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to give your home a festive makeover. Without a fresh coat of paint in cheerful wall colors, a home remodel is incomplete. Learn how to make your home Diwali-ready by using the appropriate colors! Diwali, also known as the “festival of lights,” is one of India’s most important celebrations. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Diwali is the anticipation of the preparations that go into making the event a success.

As part of the festivities, the entire house is traditionally cleaned, painted, and adorned with great zeal. The preparations for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into the houses begin months in advance. Starting with the walls, which are the first thing guests perceive when they enter the house, is the finest method to instantly boost your home and make it festive.

Green Wall Color
Wall Colour Combinations

The two-color combinations will give your home a strong and fresh appearance. Festivals are a time to be merry, with family, friends, and guests gathering to celebrate. A stunning home merely adds to the opulence. It adds a splash of color and a cheerful atmosphere, making you feel at ease. You can even paint simply the walls rather than the whole house. To enhance the festive quotient, choose a festive palette of purple, deep blue, scarlet, fuchsia, magenta, or burnt orange.

Sakarni Stainer has 10 two-color wall combinations to choose from, ranging from regal to festive to quiet and relaxing tones.

1. Yellow and Red: This two-color wall combination transforms your space into a boho haven. This is a bold choice, but if you make it, it will undoubtedly be the ideal combination. In this collection, the yellow has a mellow tone, while the red has been subdued to create a wonderful harmony!

2. Off-white and Lavender: One of the most relaxing palettes is made up of these two colors. Lavender is noted for having a relaxing and calming aroma. This accent is unquestionably a fantastic fit when toned down with off-white. This is the best two-color combination for your room, as well as an excellent two-color combination for the hallways.

3. Pink and Green: This two-color combination gives your bedroom walls a complex appeal. This color scheme is both natural and lovely. The pink tone creates a sophisticated look, while the green tone creates a calming and ominous atmosphere. This color scheme is soothing and classy, and it’s ideal for a relaxing family gathering.

4. Cream and Coral: This two-color wall combination adds a royal touch to your walls and is ideal for a grand Diwali celebration. The lavish color palette exudes opulence and complements Diwali’s festive atmosphere. To complete this lovely and delicate color palette, hang some grey drapes.

5. Royal Red and Blue: This two-color combination of royal red and blue is the one to go for when it comes to majesty and magnificence! They may appear to be a daring match, but with the appropriate undertones and wall blend, they will give your home the best shine. Red brightens your room and gives your walls the glow they require, while blue provides a relaxing atmosphere. They have a very calming yet festive effect when combined. This color scheme is sure to please your visitors. You can use this two-color combination in both your bedroom and your hallway.

6. Purple and Burnt Orange: This smokey and seductive bedroom two-color combo looks really intriguing and pleasant. This palette’s darker tones give it a royal feel and amp up the sexiness. It complements Diwali’s glitz and adds a beautiful texture to your space. You have to try this two-color combination!

7. Beige and Burgundy: One of the warmest two-color pairings is beige and burgundy. It’s one of those tonal combinations that’s both opposing and intriguing. Burgundy has an energizing effect, whilst beige has a calming effect. This two-color scheme for your bedroom walls will provide a soothing atmosphere.

8. Tan and Orange: If you have a dreamy soul, these two-color wall paints are ideal. When used in their undertone tones, they shine the brightest. With this color scheme, choose contrasting white furnishings to give your home a little treat! Sakarni stainer Paints has created beautiful two-color combinations to let you celebrate the festival of lights with brilliant colors. Add luster to your walls with sakarni’s interior and exterior emulsions.

9. Cream and Brown: If you’re looking for a stylish two-color combo, brown and cream are an excellent choice. Brown may appear unusual, but when combined with creamy tones, it creates a sophisticated look. This two-color wall paint, together with the appropriate choice of furniture, is the perfect Diwali handsome blend, and will be a highlight this Diwali season!

10. Yellow and Grey: For the adventurous heart, an uncommon two-color combination. Although you may not have seen yellow and grey in the same space before, the calming vibes of grey and the mellow nature of yellow work together to create beauty on your wall. This is absolutely worth taking a chance on. This can also be used to create a color scheme for your hall.

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