Things to remember before selecting a wall putty

Things to remember before selecting a wall putty

Buying a new home for your loved ones? Or renovating them? Along with the tile changes, and choosing the right wallpapers and the items of furniture or curtains, a very important aspect that comes to a homeowner’s or an interior designer’s mind is the house paint. Many house owners believe that selecting the right colour of paint is the most critical when it comes to painting.

However, equally important is the quality and method of paint, as homeowners wouldn’t want to splurge on painting per annum. The right quality and right technique of painting make sure that the paint lasts for long. Often, the walls won’t be plain and straight, and this is often when the painters use wall putty as a base to offer the wall paint a smooth finish.

The use of wall putty on walls has various other benefits, like adding shine and smoothness to the wall paint. It is often used on the interior as well as exterior walls. The painters use Sakarni wall putty to guard and enhance the paint. The wall putty colour should ideally match your actual wall colour. Where the wall putty gives the paint a matt finish with its plastic ingredients, the glossy wall putty gives the paint a prominent glowing feel. There are various types of wall putty variants available within the marketplace for customers to settle on to reinforce their wall paints.

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Here are a couple of tips and points to recollect once you are selecting a wall putty design.

Waterproof Wall Putty: Protecting your walls during heavy rains with its waterproof feature, the waterproof wall putty is the ideal wall putty option for maintaining long-lasting wall paints. Sakarni aquashield waterproof wall putty is often used for both interior and exterior walls. It is formulated with white cement and silicone that creates its waterproof feature. Easy-to-use and freed from lead, mercury, and chromium compounds, Indigo’s premium quality waterproof wall putty is definitely available.

Keep in mind your wall paint colour: There are several types of wall putty colour variants, from dark colours to the sunshine tone ones. However, when picking your choice of wall putty hue, choose either a clear white one or colour almost like your wall paint to avoid any mismatch.

Specific Wall Putty: With a plethora of wall putty options available, make sure that you choose the one best suited to your wall type. Even though wall putty is often used for both exteriors and interiors. For example, for exterior walls, you may opt for Sakarni wall putty that comprises white cement and polymer to ensure a smooth finish to the rough texture of the exterior walls. This is the perfect wall putty option for surfaces like bricks, and concrete. cement plasters, columns and beams.

Smoothening Extremely Rough Walls: If your exterior wall is very rough, opt for the Sakarni wall putty out of cement and re-dispersible polymer. This wall putty not only gives the wall a smooth finish but also controls water vapour and features a long-lasting effect on the paint with their walls.

Some of the important factors to be considered before choosing a brand of wall putty are listed below.

  • Smooth finish:- Provides a smooth surface after setting.
  • Coverage:- Covers more wall area per unit weight.
  • Water resistance:- After setting, resists spoilage because of contact of water.
  • Adhesion strength:- Ability to stick to the substrate.
  • Compressive strength:- Ability to face up to compressive load.
  • Breathability:- Expertise to allow water vapour to permeate through it.
  • Packaging Quality:- Quality of packaging used.
  • Storage:- Storage in cool and dry locations.

There are other important product characteristics of Sakarni wall putty that are not easily observable in the workplace. These are tensile adhesion, compressive strength and water resistance factors. For these characteristics, one would wish to believe the specifications mentioned on the bag or manufacturer’s website. Large users can also like better to get products tested independently on their own. Testing should be done only at reputed facilities. Ideally, multiple tests should be exhausted independent labs and a mean figure received, excluding outliers.

Tensile Adhesion:- Should be >= 0.8 N/mm2

Compressive Strength:- Should be between 7 to 12 N/mm2

Water Retentivity:- Should be > 95%

Water Absorption Coefficient:- < 1 kg/m2.H1/2

Workability:- Initial Setting Time of >= 100 minutes and Final Setting Time of <= 500 minutes

Coming to non-product factors, always prefer manufacturers who use good quality impermeable packaging. Over time, Sakarni wall putty tends to take in moisture from the atmosphere, reducing its performance. Good quality packaging ensures that the merchandise is nice to use within the indicated period of time. Further, always prefer retailers or suppliers who store the fabric in a cool and dry condition. Finally, always look for the manufacturing date on the wall putty bag. don’t buy material that’s near or past the expiry date. Typically, wall putty features a period of time of 12 months.

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