What are the benefits of wall putty

What are the benefits of wall putty

What is Wall Putty?

Wall putty is a powder made up of white cement, that mixes with water and other additives to provide a glossy finish to the walls. For the purpose of marvelous beauty and flawless walls, you should use wall putty to enhance the beauty of your house with complete protection. It provides tensile strength, which tends to increase the lifespan of the walls. Wall putty is a material that will help to safeguard your home from leakage, Dampness, and Flaking and also gives a solid base to the surface.

Wall putty is a very essential material that should be considered, whenever you are planning to renovate or construct a new house. Wall putty increases the life of the paint applied on the surface. It is versatile in nature that you can apply wall putty on drywall, plastered walls as well as on concrete walls. It creates a beautiful impression and reflects a good and hygienic lifestyle in front of others. Here are a few benefits of Wall putty that will definitely be beneficial for you.

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Wall Putty Finish

Benefits of Wall Putty on Wall

Fills Cracks And Holes

Wall putty helps us to fill cracks and holes present on the surface and create a leveled surface for the purpose of further coats of the paint.

Solid Base

Wall putty provides a very solid and smooth surface to the wall. Every wall needs a solid base, so that paint can stay for a longer time. If the surface is loosely bound then paint applied on it will start flaking, so it is necessary to apply wall putty before the paint.

Rich Look

The whole beauty of the house depends upon the look. Sakarni Wall putty gives your home a rich and lovely look. The paint when applied to a smooth surface looks better than the coarser surface.

Increases Lifespan of The Wall Paint

You don’t want to spend a lot on repairing the wall, Right? So, It is advisable to use wall putty on the walls. It increases the lifespan of paint and saves your time and money.

Smoother Finish

No one likes rough walls in your house, and for smoother finishes, you should use wall putty on walls that give beautiful and soothing finishes that will swing your mood. Whenever someone enters the house, it seems to be very appealing and beautiful

Sakarni Aquashield wall putty contains anti- efflorescence added in wall putty forms microscopic particles that help to seal the pores in wall putty, so the chemicals that cause are prevented from migrating to the surface. Sakarni wall guard wall putty provides a clean, bright, and unblemished surface. It provides complete protection from water and efflorescence. In Sakarni cement-based putty is used as a Hydraulic binder, which provides solid, protective, and water-resistant film that can be applied to the interior and exterior. It also consists of excellent drying characteristics that help to save time. Sakarni wall putty extended thickness, due to fiber additive, which makes it suitable to apply up to 5mm thickness in 1 coat to fill the holes and make corners without any risk of shrinkage. It also has excellent adhesion and better cohesion. Sakarni wall putty is durable and breathable in nature.

If you want every guest to admire your beautiful home, then you should definitely use Sakarni wall putty in your lovely house because this is the best Selling wall putty in India. For the superior finish and quality that stays with you for a longer time and Sakarni wall, guard wall putty will give you astonishing results.

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