How to protect the exterior from different weather conditions?

How to protect the exterior from different weather conditions?

How do protect the exterior from different weather conditions? This is a very crucial topic that everyone should know about this You spend a lot of money while renovating or building your house and invest a lot of time in the decor part. For all of us, our house is the most precious and very close asset to our hearts.

There are two parts that divide our house: Interior & Exterior.

If you remember when you were working on the designing part of the exterior, you induce a lot of energy because the exterior is the area that creates the first impression and reflects your personality in front of others. After all, maintaining the basic beauty of the house requires care for the walls.

In India, we experience a variety of different seasons, which gives us soothing vibes but is not favorable for the exterior part of our house. It is highly affected by changing weather conditions in the environment. You can paint annually, but don’t protect the wall against moisture, so it can cause flaking above the walls.

In our country, extreme weather conditions with the fluctuation in temperature can cause some problems in our habitation.

If you really want to safeguard your beautiful exterior, Here are a few tips and tricks you can adopt to protect the exterior of your home.
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Protection from Dust

The dust particles stay on the surface for a longer time. In India, the unwanted wind starts running anytime and would affect the environment with dirt and pollution. It can also create an impact on the exterior walls. You can also grow plants around the house so that it can cut the amount of air pollution.

Protection From Heat

In summer the temperature is very high and extreme heat is coming through the wind. Paint the exterior wall of your house with light colors so that the surface of the wall reflects light and try to avoid dark colors because it absorbs a lot of heat. You can also use UV films on the glass of the windows, so it does not allow heat to enter the house.

Protection from Rainfall

The Arrival of the monsoon is some sort of happiness for you because that chilling and soothing moment gives us a nostalgic feel, but for your house, it is the most hazardous season. Always check the roof and walls of the building for any cracks and try to repair them before the monsoon. Also, check the rainwater pipe for blockage, this pipe should be free from Dust, Plastic, and garbage waste that had been stuck for years, and check if there is any blockage in the gutter as well. These are a few measures you should take to protect your home in the monsoon and it helps you to spill a cup of tea in a relaxing way.

Eliminates Moisture

This is the main problem that arises, the exterior walls could be flaky due to various reasons like moisture accumulating on the surface, and poor adhesion due to some bad quality products. Moisture can easily spread underneath the paint and it starts peeling off and problems of dampness occur. You can firstly use sandpaper to smooth the surface and filler to fill cracks and holes

To eliminate or lessen the impact of moisture on walls, you can use sakarni wall guard wall putty. It not only gives strength but also provides you with a complete safeguard for the exterior wall. Extreme weather also protects your home from rainfall, dust, air pollution, etc. Sakarni wall care is one of the emerging brands of wall putty in India.

Sakarni wall putty range is very durable and increases the life of the paint with complete protection. On the exterior, you can also use Sakarni Primer, which not only gives a stunning look but also imparts longevity to the paint. The coat of primer on the wall creates a kind of barrier to water and moisture. It also protects exterior walls from seepage.

All you need is a beautiful home with complete safeguard and for this purpose, Sakarni Products ensures complete protection and keeps your home alive for a longer period. Whenever you need protection with beauty go for sakarni and enjoy every season without any worries.

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