How to use Gypsyum Plaster and Its Advantages

How to use Gypsyum Plaster and Its Advantages

Plastering is generally a technique used to provide a pleasing good smooth surface and is suitable for application including on brick, block, and concrete. Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium surface dehydrate and earlier it was widely used in making sculptures as plaster material and can be applied on both smooth and rough surfaces of the wall.

Gypsum plaster has been used for centuries and from ancient times we’ve been using gypsum the reason behind this is its excellent properties and advantages. It has good insulation properties and is highly resistant to fire.

However, in recent times the construction industry is spread rapidly and new trends and innovations have come into the market, which changes the whole perspective of beauty in human minds. Everyone wants to save time in this running life and every designer and architect goes to gypsum these days.

Gypsum Plaster not only saves time but also provides beauty that enhances the look of the house. In this article, we will take you through the uses and advantages of gypsum plaster, which will help you in constructing your home.

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Sakarni Gypsum Plster

Uses and advantages of Gypsum Plaster

The First Impression is the Last Impression, this saying goes perfectly with gypsum plaster. Nowadays a false ceiling design is the most attractive and beautiful thing, which attracts everyone with its first look and tensile strength. Nowadays, the beautiful and mesmerizing ceiling designs that you see in beautiful houses are all made up of gypsum.


We can directly apply gypsum plaster on brick or block and RCC and we don’t require a separate finish on the wall. It is perfectly linked with sharp corners and edges and through this, we can achieve a ready-to-paint surface.

No shrinkage and Cracks

When gypsum reacts, it produces less heat as compared to cement sand, so there are very fewer cracks present in gypsum plaster. The chances of cracks are almost eliminated with gypsum.

Lighter Construction

Gypsum is light in weight as compared to sand plaster cement. When we’re making frames and designs on the roof, the lesser weight will be helpful and make them more long-lasting and robust and also provides protection to the home from natural disasters.

Quick Setting Time

Gypsum sets very quickly within 25-30mins. It dried up so easily and timely.

Less Impact On the environment

Gypsum Plaster is environmentally friendly in nature and it is a naturally occurring substance, which does not create any impact on the ecosystem. It is considered a very safe substance for health and is also used in big sectors as well like Medical, agriculture, etc.

Sakarni Gypsum Plaster is the No 1 brand in north India. A product made with refined and processed gypsum vermiculite along with a mix of premium quality special binders and additives to provide premium easier application and great bonding with the surface. It is whiter than other brands and also in the last two decades, it has become the customer’s first choice.

Sakarni gypsum plaster is the better heat insulation, which helps in saving on electricity bills and prominent insulation than other brands. It also helps you to protect the environment by saving water because Sakarni gypsum plaster does not require water curing.

Sakarni gypsum plaster is compatible with all types of paints and the reason being is the Quality of the raw material used by Sakarni. In the making process of sakarni gypsum plaster, the quality and raw material of the product are tested by industry experts. Gypsum plaster has become a good choice for all in the last few years and with Sakarni gypsum plaster you can shape your mesmerizing dreams with the elegance of attractiveness.

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