What is the Difference between white cement or grey cement?

What is the Difference between white cement or grey cement?

We are all aware that Cement is the most crucial material in the construction of building adhesive and it is the main ingredient in making concrete. It helps to create a strong foundation, on which we execute all our creations with beauty. In the market, grey cement is used very commonly by everyone, whereas white cement is generally used for decorative and beauty purposes.

Both white and grey cement is usually ordinary portland cement ( OPC)  but white cement is much finer than grey cement but almost equal in strength. Most of us know that white cement is much more expensive than grey cement but ever we think about why it is not cheap as grey, and what the special advantage is, these are some kinds of questions that arise in our mind.

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Grey cement vs White cement

Apart from all these major advantages, there are some technical details and also some sort of physical and mechanical differences in it that you should know and will be beneficial for all of us while choosing between white and grey cement.

  • Grey cement is naturally grey in color due to its very high quantity of iron, chromium, manganese, and magnesium oxide, whereas white cement also contains traces of this but in very small quantities that is why its color completely defines it.
  • In grey cement, it has a lower refractive index and white cement has a higher refractive index
  • White cement contains large quantities of whitest chalk with light-colored- sand as compared to grey cement and in terms of fineness White cement provides more coverage on the wall surface due to a much finer texture
  • White cement is mainly used for aesthetic purposes in the interior and exterior areas and grey cement is used for providing a strong base to the structure. Grey cement is mainly used for the construction of big projects like bridges, buildings, etc.
  • Grey cement is not expensive as white cement and also requires very little time in the manufacturing process as compared to White cement.
  • White cement has multiple uses but grey does not have multiple questions.
  • Both types of cement have equal settling times and almost similar strength.

Firstly white cement has a very limited scope and is used in a few places like swimming pools, whitewashing of walls, statues purposes, etc, But now there is a different scenario among people. If you can easily afford and want your house to have stunning beauty with more whiteness then you should prefer white cement instead of grey cement. It is the purest, whitest, and strongest white cement.

Gradually, Sakarni the leading Supplier and manufacturer of white cement in India have become one of the finest white cement on the market. It has an exceptional particle size of 400 mesh as compared to other white cement having a standard particle size of 250 mesh, due to this it can produce much more hydraulic bonds.

Sakarni white cement is one of the best white cement brands in India, which not only provides tensile strength to the structure but also gives glorious beauty to the house. And from the last few years, Sakarni white cement is the favorite choice among consumers, which is known for its finest quality of raw material that will give your house a wonderful beauty that reflects a great bond with the strength of happiness.

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