What is emulsion paint and how to use it step by step guide

A fresh coat of paint can vastly improve the appearance of your space. How about using Emulsion paint colors for a glossy finish to the walls. Emulsion paint provides good flexibility, dries up quickly, and can be used for both interior and exterior walls on the old as well as new plastered walls and surfaces. It is also applied to metal, wooden furniture, glass, and concrete. 

What is emulsion paint?

Emulsion paint is water-based paint that contains small polymer particles inside it. The paint particles combine as it dries to create a film of paint on the wall. 

Emulsion paint is created by combining the pigment with an emulsifier like oil-based or water. We get the color of the paint because of its pigment. The pigment binds together with the help of an emulsifier.

Emulsion paint has a property of washability which varies from medium to high level depending upon the surface sheen. Emulsion paint is additionally used as a base coat for other paints like enamel or oil-based paints. A wide range of emulsion paint colors is available in the market.

There are many types of emulsion paint finishes available like matt, smooth, glossy,  semi-glossy, and eggshell. Moreover, emulsion paint is thick and easy to use,  so it is considered good for a humid environment like a Kitchen or Bathroom.

Each emulsion paint finish has its benefits:

  • MATT FINISH- is ideal for imperfect walls
  • SHEEN FINISH- has a longer life.
  • GLOSSY FINISH- ideal for perfectly finished walls 

How to use Emulsion Paint 

  • Dust-free the surface and clean it. If there’s any old unstable paint, remove it by sanding. 
  • Add Emulsion paint and water 50/50 for thinning. Seal the unpainted surface with this. In this way, a good surface you will get for priming. 
  • After that, dilute emulsion paint 80/20 with water to create your own primer. Use the same paint for the primer and topcoat to get a streak-free finish. 
  • Use the Emulsion Brush, Roller,  Rag, Sponge, or Airbrush to apply this solution. 
  • Let it dry that takes two hours approximately to completely dry,  depending upon the consistency of the paint. 
  • To create paint effects like sponging, stippling, dragging, graining, stenciling, or rag rolling, dilute 10% of the emulsion paint with water.
  • Make sure to apply two coats of emulsion paint color to overcome the previous color appearance. If needed, then apply only one more coat of it.

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