Top 10 POP ceilling design ideas and guide

Top 10 POP ceilling design ideas and guide

The design of your home describes who you are. Your style is reflected in the interiors of your home. POP false ceiling patterns create a great ambiance for your home. Ceiling patterns are mostly the last thing we think about when decorating our homes.

PoP False ceiling has multiple advantages. It’s lightweight, cost-effective, and can easily be installed. Its versatile property gives you the ability to make different shapes and give a smooth finish to your paint. Pop enhances the look of your interiors and adds more value to them.

We have mentioned a collection of ceiling design ideas that will surely inspire you

1. POP Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If you want to use pop extensively for your bedroom then Pop designs for bedrooms with a fan are good choices for decor. To make extra lighting in your bedroom you must invest in a false ceiling with space for lighting too. Experiment with LED Lights or various color textures for your Pop ceiling in the bedroom. 

2. Wooden POP ceiling design for workspace

Using wooden logs Pop designs could be a perfect combination of traditions and modernity. You can use the cove lighting for setting the mood and environment in the room. You can also use matching wooden elements on the sidewall with the wooden ceiling to bring life to it.

3. Pooja Room POP Ceiling Design 

This place gives a calming and peaceful atmosphere to the room. If you wish to have PoP designs here then go for elements like Omkara, Swastika, or other godly symbols with additional lighting behind these symbols to increase their divinity.

4. Living room POP ceiling design

The combination of brown and white colors is a great option for pop ceilings and provides an elegant look. The mirror ceiling in the living room transforms the space. The lighting system in the ceiling structure can give an attractive and welcoming environment.

5. Dining room POP ceiling Design

In the dining room, a wooden false ceiling can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. You could add decor like a stylish lamp or chandeliers for a more attractive appearance. You can also add stylish fan designs that can go well with chandeliers.

6. Balcony POP Design

The balcony is a space where you soak up the sun in the winter season and sip your favorite coffee or tea. Curves Pop ceiling that has LED Light Fixtures can give you a fancy and yet classy look on your balcony. Swing never goes out of trend. So if you have a large space balcony then hang a Swing. To make your balcony green and fresh, place some plants.

7. Glass POP Design for Showroom

The glass pop ceiling gives a luxurious ambiance and looks attractive to your customers. Install a proper lighting system in the ceiling for a shiny look.

8. Restaurant POP Ceiling Design 

Tray Pop ceiling design gives an enchanting look to the Restaurants. A good ambiance of a restaurant influences its customers. Chandeliers or hanging pendant lights give an enchanting decor for your restaurant. Cove lighting is one of the best choices for restaurants.

9. Kitchen POP Ceiling Design

A beautifully designed Pop ceiling for the kitchen can make your entire kitchen space sophisticated. The Pop kitchen design with geometrical shapes with border lights highlights the whole kitchen interior. You can add a minimalistic decor with a neutral color palette.

10. Bathroom POP Ceiling Design

The perfect and go-to style with LED lights in a bathroom gives a simple and classy appearance. The pop design of the patterned glass ceiling can brighten up the space. You can contrast the color of the tiles of walls and floors with the pop ceiling.

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