Why Sakarni Is Best Wall Putty In India

Why Sakarni Is Best Wall Putty In India

They say “Home is where the heart is” it is an inanimate thing that gives you inner peace when you return home after a frantic day. The walls of your house witness all your happy and sad moments and act as the testimony for most of your important memories. According to research, the interior of your house reveals a whole lot about your personality.

Everything from the color of paint to the type of flooring, to the placement of furniture, says something about who you are and your personality. Painting is a way of expressing your thoughts and giving them life in your living space. However, A lot of people have wrong beliefs about painting.

They think it is enough to select a good quality paint to obtain a high finish wall and do not give any importance to the wall putty and forget that besides selecting good quality paint, one should also focus on choosing the right wall putty before painting.

Did you know that a generous layer of wall putty can give your walls a longer life span, strengthens the wall, and can give you a smooth canvas for your paint to settle on it?  By using the right wall putty, it will fill in all the small pores present on the walls. So, just two coats of paint can give the finish and even the getup to the interior of the house.

If you’re also looking for the best wall putty for your house then Sakarni wall putty is the best choice to consider as they are one of the best manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers of wall putty in India. We have a large range of Products available(White cement, Gypsum Plaster, POP, Wall Primer, Emulsion Paint, Colour Stainer) for the beautification of dream homes and other Constructed buildings. Sakarni has emerged as one of the best wall putty manufacturing companies in India for various ranges of products. It is available at a reasonable price which makes it affordable and accessible to all classes of customers. It is a brand that yields the best return on investment to enhance the home or office environment and is a successful result of many years of intensive effort in the industry.

Sakarni wall putty is recently recognized as the best Wall Putty in India because it not only gives your walls a great foundation but also reduces capillary water absorption for years and protects the wall from external damages. Sakarni is one of the leading brands in India as it is not a young brand and has been around for decades and is armed with an experience of many decades.

Sakarni Power Putty is basically made out of white cement, polymers, and advanced chemical which when applied on plastered surfaces provides smooth, water-resistant, and efflorescence resistant surfaces for easy application of paint. Since it contains white cement so it has many qualities like high adhesiveness which gives a longer life span and strengthens the wall. Also, it is highly resistant to water therefore it increases the life of the paint as well which is coated over it.

Sakarni Manufactures good Quality wall putty with an international grade of formulation where quality is of supreme importance at every step. The company follows international standards and uses advanced technology to manufacture and supply the products beginning with the detailed selection to the procurement of the raw material and delivery of the end product at the doorstep. They use the finest raw materials and have a robust quality control process which makes them one of the best wall putty in India.


Sakarni Wall Putty is available in three variants:




  1. Sakarni wall guard power putty is a combination of white cement, superior polymers, and advanced chemical. It has all the requisite ingredients to give you that smooth canvas-like wall for painting. The application of this wall putty will make your wall water-repellent and also restrict the growth of fungus and algae on the wall which ruins our walls as the polymers present in the wall putty act as a protective shield. Sakarni wall putty is specially designed in a way that even asthmatic patients and senior citizens can breathe around walls which has fresh putty coats and can stay carefree as it has zero VOCs and is a green product.
  2.  Sakarni with an aim to mark the beginning of a golden era in the business of wall putty has come up with “ Sakarni wall guard Gold Touch. As the name suggests, the application of this product will mark the beginning of golden days for your walls and give you the walls of your dreams. It has ingredients like white cement, superior chemicals, virgin advanced polymers, and superfine high-grade dolomite which when applied on plastered surfaces provides a smooth wall finish that has a certain glossy quality.
  3.  Sakarni acrylic wall putty is a result of advanced technology and contains ideal ingredients like white pigments, acrylic emulsion, additives, and medium extenders. It is Tailor-made for filling dents or holes on surfaces and leveling on primed walls and wooden surfaces. This wall putty can be applied on any kind of interior surface or wooden surface as it has the intrinsic nature of water repellence.

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